Spring 2020 Poetry Contest

The rules of the contest were as follows:

  • Your poem must be your own, completely original work.
  • Your poem should address women’s rights or gender equality.
  • One submission per student
  • Maximum of 300 words
  • Winner will receive a certificate and their poem will be published on CWNY website.

Our winner is Zoe Beharrylal, grade 5, PS 121Q. Congratulations and thanks to all the entrants!

Who Are We?
by Zoe Beharrylal

Who are we?
We are women. We are beautiful, we are smart and we are bold.

Who are we?
We are strength. We fight for equal rights voting and education.

Who are we?
We want to be heard, we want to be equal, we stand together and proud.
We build, we don’t tear down others, we felt the pain of being torn down.

Who are we?
We fight through obstacles, we are the caregiver, the child, the mother, the grand daughter, the grand mother. We have many roles. We are not just a women who sits in the house to clean or cook. We have many talents. We are strong.

Who are we?
We are women, We are strength. We are united. We fight for our rights. Rights to vote. Rights to work. Rights to be heard.

We are WOMEN hear us ROAR!!!