Did you know that the majority of caregivers are women? CWNY celebrates caregivers. CWNY partners with Queens Council for Social Welfare (QCSW) to provide a weekly Caregivers Phone Support Group. Click here to find out more.

Three of the caregivers shared their experiences:

“If you are a caregiver and feel emotionally and physically drained 24/7, then you may think you can’t spare any time to join a support group. That’s how I felt. But one day I came across the CWNY & QCSW caregiver support group number and made the decision to participate by phone, which allows me to also multitask. Before I was dealing with all the challenges alone, which creates more stress. Now, by exchanging information and experiences with other members and the two empathetic facilitators, I come away with helpful suggestions. Mostly, I’m grateful to have a place to talk, and even cry, and feel supported.” — Daniella

“I’m a survivor of domestic violence, a caregiver for an elderly mother of failing health, working from home, caring and schooling two young children when COVID-19 began to peak in March of 2020 alone with very little help from family. ALL from home while the living condition was not a most favorable one. I stumbled across CWNY in one of my desperate searches for help online in April. I was fortunate enough that CWNY cared enough to continue to respond to women’s inquiries and cries for help, in the most uncertain of times when businesses and organizations were not operating and/or struggling to figure out on how to continue virtual operation during a worldwide pandemic. The CWNY and QCSW staff is an amazing group of dedicated, caring, trustworthy and reliable women; always available to listen and provide links to valuable resources. I will forever be thankful for CWNY and QCSW’s support as they are responsible for helping me keep calm and collected during the most difficult of times. I will forever be thankful to CWNY and QCSW. Please continue the commitment and amazing work you do.” — Sally

“With today’s population aging, many adult children are caring for their parents. Lack of facilities, insurance, suitable housing and busy lives make caring for an elderly parent difficult. The CWNY/QCSW support group is a great outlet to express your concerns, challenges and frustrations. You can learn from others in the group. It has been a great source of comfort and reassurance.” — Sara

CWNY offers ESL Classes with certified ESL teachers. Click here to find out more.

One of our ESL students shared her experience:

“The ESL sessions with my teacher have impacted me in a very positive manner and given me the confidence that I am sounding clear. Before this class, I had not gotten any feedback from an instructor or teacher in the field and I was never sure about what I was saying. I was always uncomfortable with saying the words and was curious about the background of the word. With my CWNY teacher, she corrects me and my confidence has risen.” — Helen

CWNY offers free in-person One-On-One Tax Prep Assistance every year with a tax filing professional.

Someone who received our free tax prep assistance shared her experience:

“I had the pleasure of having my taxes prepared at Center for the Women of New York’s Fort Totten office. The atmosphere was extremely friendly as well as very professional. Kathleen Carroll was my preparer who was very efficient and extremely fast. She made you feel very confident with her ability to prepare your taxes. Most importantly, it was ABSOLUTELY FREE! I am so thankful for this service. Indeed, from this experience I will be attending more events by this group.” — Betty