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The Center for the Women of New York advocates for women’s rights and full equality. Since 1987 CWNY has been empowering women to reach their full potential by offering services that provide the skills, information, and support they need to address economic, emotional, and legal challenges.


CWNY offers free comprehensive services in prevention, training, education and support to women in transition. Computer training, career counseling, legal assistance and support groups are held to support women and prepare them to prosper in the workforce. See specific programs currently being offered here. If you have needs or ideas for services/programs not in our calendar, please contact us.

Testimonials from women CWNY has helped:

“Before I was dealing with all the challenges [of being a caregiver] alone, which creates more stress. Now, by exchanging information and experiences with other members and the two empathetic facilitators, I come away with helpful suggestions. Mostly, I’m grateful to have a place to talk, and even cry, and feel supported.” — Daniella


We empower women via conferences, seminars, webinars, workshops, and interviews. Our “Black History Always with Dr. Bessie W. Blake” interview was a great success. We have also had our presentations “Tax Trauma Terminated Workshops” and “Intimate Partner Violence and Stalking Awareness Discussion Panel”. Click here to view presentations of our past events.

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  • Click here to register for our upcoming free Financial Literacy Workshop on Jan. 19th @ 8 – 9 PM via Zoom
  • Click here to register for our upcoming free Career Workshop on Feb. 3rd @ Noon via Zoom
  • and more!

“The ESL sessions with my teacher have impacted me in a very positive manner and given me the confidence that I am sounding clear. Before this class, I had not gotten any feedback from an instructor or teacher in the field and I was never sure about what I was saying. I was always uncomfortable with saying the words and was curious about the background of the word. With my CWNY teacher, she corrects me and my confidence has risen.” — Helen

Center for the Women of New York